Connecting the Chasm and the Traction Gap

April 16, 2019

PUBLISHED BY Wildcat Venture Partners

In 1991, Geoffrey Moore published the book, Crossing the Chasm which shed a bright light on how technology companies should think about markets. It made a dramatic impact. Since then, more than 2M copies of Geoff’s book have been purchased and read, and it continues to be a staple on the reading list of all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial programs at top universities.

Now, a new book has come along titled, Traversing the Traction Gap, written by Bruce Cleveland, a general partner at Wildcat Venture Partners and colleague of Geoffrey Moore. Cleveland’s book complements the Chasm by focusing on the internal dynamics that startup teams face when they must first take their products to market.

Here, Geoffrey Moore helps connect the two frameworks and to show how they complement and reinforce each other.