Which Technology Will Most Impact The Future Of Investing? 17 Experts Share Their Insights

June 30, 2019


SOURCE Disruptor Daily

Anybody can trade stocks these days, whether from a computer or smartphone. But that doesn’t mean that they should. Certain things — financial investing top among them — should be left to the professionals. Also in that category is financial trend predicting, which isn’t a hobby or job for amateurs.

That’s why we’ve turned to these industry insiders, who lent us their view of the technologies that are most shaping the future of investing. Here’s what they have to say:

1. Bryan Stolle, founding Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners

“The confluence of software built on cloud, mobility, AI and machine learning will unlock trapped value across the business landscape – from fintech to enterprise SaaS to healthcare to education technology to real estate to insurance to literally every other pocket of the business landscape. I recommend keeping an eye on the latest enterprise listings as they come to market. You’ll see this holds to be true for those as well. For all the glitz and glamour and saga-like trials of the Lyfts and Ubers, you have companies like Fastly, Zoom Video Communications and PagerDuty that are raising spirits as they take off. That’s where I’m putting my money and I’m betting that others are following suit as the investment climate shifts away from consumer and back to business.”

2. Yaron Golgher, co-founder and CEO at I Know First Forecasting

“The rise of AI and is re-shaping the world, and the investment industry is no exception. Deep Learning algorithms can scrape the Web for unstructured data and derive insights from it, providing the investors with volumes of actionable intelligence. Unmatched in their ability to process huge amounts of data and build complex mathematical models on the go, AIs bring scores of new possibilities to the table, all the way to downright forecasting stock market dynamics. And with the new generation, that of digital natives, hungering for high-tech solutions, the industry will have no other choice but to deliver.”

3. Damien Cabadi, CFO at Spirit Asset Management

“The blockchain technology has still to prove how much impact it could have. Stock exchanges benefit from positive network effect that protects them. However, their high margins are the reason why such technology could have an impact. New assets could also be digitized and expand the size of the investment market.”

4. Mik Breiterman-Loader, CEO of Vestive 

“One of the more significant advances is the power of data and reporting. Technological advances has made so much more data available, and the ability to process and analyze this data has become vital. This has significant implications for evaluating a company’s environmental and social impact. A decade ago it was near impossible to evaluate a company on the sustainability criteria we are able to today, and a huge part of that is big data and our ability to analyze it.”

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