What Trends Are Shaping Investing In 2019? 17 Experts Share Their Insights

June 30, 2019


SOURCE Disruptor Daily

Unless you still bear the mental scars of the Great Depression, odds are you’ve got some money invested somewhere. Once you taste those sweet returns of the stock market or even the modest gains of a lower-risk investment vehicle, stuffing cash under your mattress doesn’t cut it. Many of us trust in financial advisors to make the decision of where to sink those precious savings. If you want to know a bit more about where your advisor’s head is at, we have some people you should listen to.

These industry insiders weigh in on trends that could shape investing as we know it, in 2019 and beyond. Here’s what they have to say:

1. Cheryl Cheng, General Partner at BlueRun Ventures

“-Companies are staying private longer.  This has an impact on how investors think about making investment decisions since the hold horizon is so long.

-There has been a move back to enterprise (versus consumer) investing in the early stage.  This mirrors what we have seen in the public markets where enterprise software companies have done better in their IPO’s than their consumer counterparts.

-Big tech companies and opportunities are being built outside the Bay Area.  Companies like Kabbage in Atlanta, Qualtrics in Salt Lake, Snap in LA are all anchoring growing startup ecosystems.  The talent that these companies attract and create will draw investors to look at early stage opportunities in these markets.”

2. Damien Cabadi, CFO at Spirit Asset Management

“Passive investments and robo-advisors will sustain their strong traction. Investment platforms will extend their market share because of their digital experience. And cost leadership will continue to be the main strategy in a highly commoditized market.”

3. Yaron Golgher, co-founder and CEO at I Know First Forecasting

“The two key trends shaping the sector are uncertainty and disruption. The former comes on the back of the continuous fears over tensions between the US and China, which makes the markets more volatile and pushes some investors to a more conservative portfolio. While there is no telling when exactly this will boil over, the second trend looks set to stay around for good. As new technology disrupts the traditional investment dogmas, all eyes are on AI-driven quant hedge funds and robo-advisors relying on signals identified in the dataflow rather than conventional investment strategies like fundamentals analysis.”

4. Bryan Stolle, founding Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners

“The IPO frenzy is unfolding in front of us, and I’m confident we’ll see more enterprise companies taking a front seat to the consumer as investors begin to favor investing in companies that are more capital efficient and offer greater stability.”

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