Roundtables at Dreamforce: Part 1 of 3

September 18, 2015

PUBLISHED BY Geoffrey Moore


This is Part 1 of a 3 part series.

Okay, it wasn’t exactly the World Series of Poker, but at Dreamforce this week I hosted five roundtables at Executive Summit with a total of 68 participants, all VIP guests of Salesforce. The topic was “Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption” (not accidentally the subtitle of my new book, Zone to Win, previewed on this blog earlier this year, and made much the better for the feedback I got from a number of you). This is the first of two blog posts presenting some of my key takeaways.

The first half of each session was called “Diagnosing Disruption.” My provocation to the group was that there are currently five mega-disruptions under way in the technology sector, and that every one of them can make a legitimate claim for being the number one priority for at least a given class of company. But as Marc Benioff likes to say, if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority, and so my challenge to the participants was to put them in rank order in terms of near-term impact on their industry and their company’s strategy.

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