Product Architecture Event

PUBLISHED BY Wildcat Venture Partners

March 1, 2018

Did you miss it?

Wildcat hosted the Product Architecture Series – Designing Pillars for Success

On March 1st, international design and consulting firm, IDEO, joined forces with Wildcat Venture Partners and the Traction Gap Institute to host another thought-provoking event. The Product Architecture Series – Designing Pillars for Success, focused on new businesses getting to product/market fit confidently and cultivating successful ventures through human-centered design.

The event featured enlightening presentations by Obo’s Strategic Advisor, Dale Sakai, and IDEO’s Senior Design Director, Amy Bonsall.

With the rise of digital transformation, all companies are compelled to rethink how they secure and increase the top and bottom line.  In his discussion, Dale showcased the transformation of Obo’s product development approach using a market-first product process.  In detail, he explained Obo’s model and the importance of managing the entire product process and lifecycle.

Following Dale’s presentation, Amy delighted guests as she highlighted three main venture design principals.  Sharing real-life experiences, Amy explained the reasons behind some of IDEO’s successes and how they have helped create and launch new businesses while maintaining a deep focus on human understanding.

In addition to the valuable content presented, IDEO charmed guests with their innovative workspace. Their Palo Alto office created a buzzing environment as guests milled about enjoying mouthwatering margaritas, authentic Mexican cuisine and purposeful conversations.

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