The Gender Bias Question In Technology and the Tech Startup World

April 9, 2015



I was asked to help address the tech/startup gender bias question a couple of times recently at SxSW in Austin. The first opportunity was as a panelist for a session covering fundraising for startups, as part of the Women in EdTech track during SxSWedu.  The second was as part of an impromptu panel at SxSW Interactive during a Women in Tech Meet-up to which I was invited by one of the female executives at a company where I am on the board.  The timing was propitious, as the topic has also been pervasive in Silicon Valley of late with the extensive coverage of the Kleiner Perkins gender bias lawsuit.

What is particularly troubling about this topic for me is that the whole question around gender in the tech/startup world isn’t one I’ve considered much, mostly because throughout my career I’ve had the privilege of working with many senior executives who happen to be women.

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