The 7 Must-Have Qualities Investors Look For in Entrepreneurs

January 14, 2015

PUBLISHED BY Katherine Barr


Early stage venture is a lot about the entrepreneur–who that person is and what she or he is capable of. As an investor, my filter has become quite honed in terms of what to look for in the best entrepreneurs.

On a recent trip to Ireland, I participated in a guided hike of the rugged Cliffs of Moher. The hiking guide was Pat Sweeney, an Irish farmer. About seven years ago, Pat took it upon himself to convince 39 farmers who own land along a beautiful section of the Cliffs to work together to build a hiking trail. After much hard work and negotiation, the Doolin Cliff Walk trail opened to the public two years ago.

Listening to his story during the hike, I thought of how many similarities there are between Pat Sweeney and the kind of technology entrepreneurs we invest in.

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