Startup Cooking: 5 Ways to Manage Like Joe Torre, Former New York Yankees Manager

April 24, 2015



It’s baseball season again, so what better than a blog with a baseball theme?

I ran across a piece a while back about how Joe Torre, the famous and very successful former New York Yankees manager, led his team. Many consider him a genius at managing and motivating – particularly difficult and notable in a game like baseball, where a 66% failure rate (i.e.: .333 batting average) is considered an all-star performance. Keeping people motivated and focused when they fail more often than they succeed is no small task!

It struck me that his management tenets were directly applicable to leading a startup team, or any team for that matter. In fact, they are helpful guideposts for how to deal with many of the challenges life throws your way.

Five of his directly applicable coaching/management techniques are listed here, with some observations on how to use them in a startup situation.

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