Shell Picks a Digital Platform to Build Its AI Future Upon

October 19, 2018


SOURCE Journal of Petroleum Technology

Alisa Choong, the chief information officer at Shell, recently told several hundred oil and gas professionals that, “Digitization is about making the right choices.”

Speaking on a panel at SPE’s Annual Technology Conference and Exhibition in Dallas last month, Choong shared that Shell has made one of those choices by signing a 3-year deal to use the enterprise-wide analytics platform developed by Silicon Valley-based C3 IOT on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

The development comes on the heels of BP’s September announcement that is expanding the use of a competing analytics platform. Taken together, these cases reveal how large operating companies plan to manage and put into action their growing arsenals of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) programs.

For the past few years, the industry’s first movers have been assembling data science teams. As these teams and their capabilities mature, it has become clearer that they need a new kind of digital infrastructure that runs independent of the IT department.

“That’s fundamentally why Shell decided to standardize on the C3 IOT platform,” said Ed Abbo, chief technology officer and cofounder of C3 IOT. Seeing his firm’s platform as a “catalyst,” he added that Shell now has “a jumpstart on the market to operationalize these AI algorithms.”

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