Tom Siebel On How His Life And Business

February 13, 2018

PUBLISHED BY Steven Bertoni

SOURCE The Forbes Interview

In 2009 Tom Siebel, the billionaire tech founder and philanthropist, was on safari in the Serengeti with his family when an elephant attacked.

Siebel, who started both Siebel Systems and C3 IoT, survived–just barely. Since the 2009 attack, he has undergone nearly 20 surgeries to save his leg (which was just about torn off.) It was a shocking accident and tortuous recovery, but for Siebel, the tragedy had positive, life-changing effects too. On this episode of the Forbes Interview, hear how the near-death experience got Siebel into the best shape of his life, improved relationships with his family and friends, and inspired him to launch his second billion-dollar company — software platform provider for AI and IoT applications C3 IoT.

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