Olono Brings Real-Time Guided Selling to Oracle Engagement Cloud Customers

March 18, 2019


SOURCE Digital Journal

Olono, the real-time guided selling platform for reps from Opportunity to Close, today announced its early adopter program for Oracle Engagement Cloud sales customers. Olono coaches reps in the moment with sales consumable “Actions,” addressing the two biggest challenges in sales — consistent engagement with targets and sales process adoption. As a result, reps spend less time on non-customer facing activities and more time engaging with prospects, earning trust and closing deals.

Oracle customers can visit with Olono and see a demo of its Guided Selling platform this week at the Oracle Modern Customer Experience conference in Las Vegas, booth ISV-17.

Often referred to as “Waze™ for sales,” Olono continuously routes reps on the most effective path to close. The platform prioritizes ease of use, automating data entry from 70-plus tools and sources and delivering in-the-moment guided steps for each deal in a rep’s pipeline.

“Olono is also very much in tune with the drive for intelligence-led automation and customer engagement compared with most sales force automation (SFA) systems that provide limited business value other than as system of record. Olono guides the sales force on what needs to be done next to improve the chances of a sale, whereas SFA systems, even with predictive analytics, tend only to highlight which opportunities to pursue, not how to pursue them,” noted Jeremy Cox, principal analyst at Ovum in his recent report, “On the Radar: Olono provides real-time intelligent guided sales support.”

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