Obo launches with $8.2 million to help companies get products right the first time

January 25, 2019


SOURCE VentureBeat

The “move fast and break things” mantra embodied by Facebook’s rise to world dominance is one many startups try to adopt.

The general idea is this: Develop your product quickly, get it out there, and keep on iterating. It’s about taking risks rather than playing it safe, and learning from mistakes after they are made.

While the move-fast ethos has garnered its share of successes, startups should not be encouraged to push shoddy products into the world — imperfect products, yes, but not shoddy. And as companies get bigger, failing quickly doesn’t always work quite so well, which is why Facebook tweaked its famous slogan back in 2014 to the less-punchy: “Move fast with stable infra.”

“We used to have this mantra, ‘Move fast and break things’,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the time. “We were willing to tolerate a few bugs to [move fast]. But having to slow down and fix things was slowing us down. ‘Move fast with stable infra[structure]’ isn’t as catchy, but it helps us build better for the people we serve.”

In short, Facebook pivoted its founding principle from “Let’s just get it out there and worry about the bugs later,” to “Millions of people depend on our service, we need to get this right the first time.”

But how can smaller companies be sure they get things right the first time? That’s where a new startup called Obo hopes to help.


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