July 23, 2020


Ep. 70 – Building and Sustaining Effective Teams: The Balance Needed to Drive Momentum – with Jennifer Trzepacz

Many of us realize how important team dynamics are to the success of a business. And recent events have made that all the more relevant as many businesses have needed to quickly adapt and adjust to operating in a new way out of necessity.

Jennifer Trzepacz – known as JT – is the Chief Operations Officer and Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners. She’s been involved in implementing human resource strategies and managing operations at several transformative and industry leading companies including Yahoo, Salesforce, Electronic Arts and Living Social. She inherently understands the impact that the workforce, workplace and macro environment at large has on the business and the team dynamics within them. These evolving factors are more important than ever in the current situation we find ourselves in on every level.

In this episode, JT shares her perspective on:

•  Critical factors leaders and individuals need to consider when establishing and being part of high performing teams

•  Common challenges that affect the ability to develop the right team dynamics

•  What it takes to break through to create and sustain those levels of productivity and impact regardless of business size

Listen to the episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.