Amazon. Netflix. Recommendations are core to some of the web’s most popular platforms, and artificial intelligence helps drive them. And it’s good for more than just queuing up gift ideas and movies.

Today at VentureBeat’s Transform 2018 conference, Stewart Rogers, director of marketing technology at VentureBeat, spoke with Ryan Eberhard, vice president of product at ZipRecruiter; Armita Peymandoust, vice president of product management at Salesforce; Tim Correia, senior vice president and general manager at Trulia; and Olly Downs, founder and chief scientist of Amplero, about AI’s role in product recommendations.

ZipRecruiter, one of the largest online employment marketplace in the U.S., leverages AI to streamline the candidate selection process. San Francisco-based Salesforce uses it to deliver more than 1 billion recommendations to its customers every day, via its Einstein platform. Home-buying platform Trulia taps AI to surface useful information for home buyers. And Amplero uses it to fuel one-on-one customer interactions.

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