Traction. What is it? How do you get it? How do you demonstrate it?

Wildcat developed the Traction Gap® Framework to help entrepreneurs address these questions.


The Traction Gap is the period between a startup's initial product release and the product's ability to generate traction in the market.

Startups must successfully reach a series of increasing value inflection points along the Traction Gap. As startups reach each successive point, they substantially increase in value because they have demonstrated a certain amount of market acceptance and risk reduction.

Traction Gap framework diagram 
MVC - Minimum Viable Category MVR - Minimum Viable Repeatability MVP - Minimum Viable Product
IPR - Initial Product Release MVT - Minimum Viable Traction

Download the Traction Gap infographic.


Download the complete Traction Gap Framework.


Traction Gap Assessment

Wildcat Venture Partners invites our early stage portfolio companies to complete our Traction Gap Diagnostic Process. After completing this process, our portfolio companies are armed with a roadmap to successfully secure subsequent funding rounds and go on to scale.