GreenFig Co-Founder, Cari Baldwin, named an influential women in B2B Marketing Technology

November 27, 2017

PUBLISHED BY Amberlynn Adam

SOURCE DataCaptive

Women are leading the game in almost every walk of life. Irrespective of the industry they work for; women have excelled because of their dedication & multitasking skills. Though men are of equal caliber, yet women in B2B Marketing technology have made their presence felt with their work. You must be thinking why this article now when it isn’t even women’s day? I believe celebrating the contributions of men & women to any industry doesn’t require a special day, it’s more important to acknowledge their roles than their genders! The B2B marketing technology industry is composed of various strata of job roles where women have made their mark. Right from Marketing Automation to mastering CRM Software or Social Media, Women are significant achievers.


B2B Marketing Technology constitutes the incorporation of technology into the marketing framework to speed up the process & enhance its efficiencies. Over the years the marketing process has evolved in a big way, from door to door marketing to personalized emails & social media messaging, the tactics of customer engagement have changed beyond recognition. In yesteryears, most B2B Marketers concentrated on making better the products that they wanted to sell whereas in present times every marketer wants to track the customer’s journey at every step with greater focus on solving customer problems rather than mundane selling.

With the growing advancements in B2B Marketing Technology, it is important to build a technology stack for your organization for efficient customer interactions, data accumulation & converting leads to buyers. The development of CRM software brought a whole new perspective to the way customer behavior was tracked & interactions based customer or prospect data was collected for subsequent use in developing email campaigns & other marketing techniques. Along with CRM, other technologies such as Marketing Automation Tools, Data Analytics etc. are also changing the landscape of marketing & are making them greatly customer insight-driven.

With such an evolving role at hand, B2B Marketing Technology professionals have an immense role to play. From using B2B contact & company data for CRM to personalizing marketing messages to get connected with the target audience, B2B Marketing Technology professionals are revolutionizing all aspects of the B2B trade.

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