Canada’s Most Powerful Business People 2017

November 7, 2016

PUBLISHED BY Steve Brearton

SOURCE Canadian Business

When we built the 2016 Power List, we used financial records, corporate documents and analyst reports to help quantify the influence of business leaders. This approach allowed us to back our ranking with hard numbers; it also meant that we could only assess the CEOs of publicly traded companies. So here’s a list of politicians, bureaucrats, heads of private companies and others. We couldn’t measure their power, but they clearly wield clout within the country’s business community:

Katherine Barr, Founding Partner, Wildcat Venture Partners

One of a handful of women to be a general partner at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Barr uses her influence to bolster emerging Canadian tech firms. She’s also a founder of the C100 Association, an organization that helps Canadian companies raise venture financing. She frequently advocates for policy changes aimed at easing access to financing for tech start-ups.

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