5 Jedi Mind Tricks to Dramatically Improve Your Performance

April 23, 2015

PUBLISHED BY Katherine Barr


Andy Puddicombe spent 10 years studying to become an ordained Tibetan monk and is now the successful co-founder of the meditation app Headspace. In his TED talk, he says:

“I think the present moment is so underrated. It sounds so ordinary, but we spend so little time in the present that it is anything but ordinary. Our mind is our most precious and valuable resource that we depend upon to be creative, focused, spontaneous, and perform at our very best in everything that we do, and yet we don’t take any time to look after it. We spend more time looking after our clothes, cars, and hair than our mind.”

This got me thinking about the importance of being fully present during my whirlwind days of back-to-back calls and meetings, and how much bigger an impact I can have when I’m fully focused and not distracted by other thoughts or tech devices.

Below, I’ve outlined five keys to maintaining focused attention and spending more time in the moment.

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