Why We Invested In Earnest -- Inside A VC's Mindset

December 9, 2015



Earnest recently announced a $275M total raise (Series B + lending capital) on the back of well-earned momentum. As Series A investors in the company, I’ve been asked a lot of questions, including “Why/how did you pick that particular company in the more and more crowded fintech space?”  The short answer: our team at Wildcat Venture Partners has been excited about what the founders (Louis Beryl and Ben Hutchinson) are building since we first met them well over a year ago, and we continue to anticipate many more great things from them. The deeper answer represents a timely opportunity to share an inside look at the thought process that VCs often navigate when making investment decisions.

At a high-level, our decision to invest in any company is driven by three core factors: the market, the team, and the team’s unique insight. Using this three-pronged investment framework, the investment rationale unfolded as follows.

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