SVBJ Social Capital Profile on Katherine Barr: Horseback rides and Ontario summers

October 23, 2015

PUBLISHED BY Cromwell Schubarth

SOURCE Silicon Valley Biz Journal

Katherine Barr has had a taste for adventure since she left the farm she grew up on in rural Ontario.

A competitive skier in high school, she got her motorcycle license on a date with her husband-to-be and logged 22 hours of flying time before deciding that biking and piloting weren’t activities she should continue after she started her family.

Studying Japanese at college in Montreal led to an opportunity to work for three years with the Winter Olympic committee in Nagano, Japan. A highlight of that time was being in the television booth for the women’s downhill competition.

These days, she has settled into a venture capital career in Silicon Valley, where she did her graduate work at Stanford University and is on the boards of WorkFusion, BuildDirect, Ruby Ribbon and BandPage.

Despite her taste for adventure and travel, Barr says some of the simple lessons she learned on the farm were most helpful in her career as a VC.

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