Matt Fleckenstein, CPO, Amplero, on ML & Marketing

September 2, 2016


SOURCE MarTech Advisor

Editor in Chief Ankush Gupta chats up Matt Fleckenstein, Chief Product Officer at Amplero, the predictive marketing platform that reduces churn for CX-focused B2C companies to see how they are different

For consumer companies, large-scale leveraging of customer and behavioral data to drive personalized customer experiences is turning into a virtual arms race. Marketing technology platforms of the last 10 years were built around campaign process that were still highly manual, requiring marketing execs to do all the testing, optimization and which makes the cycle time for learning and actually influencing marketing very slow. Now more and more marketers recognize the need to deploy advanced personalization capabilities that make the use of machine-learned optimization.

And, Matt Fleckenstein, Chief Product Officer at Amplero, helps marketers achieve just that. With a track record for conceiving, building, and launching martech products and services it comes easy to him. His professional journey includes his stint as VP of Product at Salesforce, where he created and launched the Journey Builder – Salesforce’s industry leading B2C marketing automation solution. He was also a founding member of two machine learning startups with successful exits – mSpoke (acquired by LinkedIn) and Peak Strategy (acquired by Morgan Stanley). At Microsoft he built a $100M annual revenue e-commerce platform now known as the Microsoft Store and headed customer experience marketing (CXM) for Microsoft Office 365 before joining Amplero.

From Salesforce to Amplero – the journey
MarTech Advisor spoke to Matt Fleckenstein about how the Amplero’s predictive platform is using machine learning to improve customer experience outcomes for B2C enterprises. Matt relates how his experience with innovating on Journey Builder led him to take on his new role at Amplero, “I joined Microsoft in 2006 after my experience with Peak Strategy (acquired by Morgan Stanley) and mSpoke (acquired by LinkedIn). At Microsoft, I was part of a small team working to transition Microsoft Office from perpetual software product into an online subscription service, and essentially responsible for maximizing customer retention and minimizing customer churn.

“It was here that I realized that the existing marketing tools made it really difficult to manage brands’ interactions with customers across the customer lifecycle, and envisioned a product called Journey Builder and partnered with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to build it. From there, Salesforce hired me to lead this product for the marketing cloud and drive the go-to-market efforts for Journey Builder.

After observing this challenge, it became clear to me that machine learning and automated experimentation were the key to customer journey management in B2C enterprises – leading me to Amplero.”

How Amplero works
Matt further explains Amplero’s specific marketing technology capability that marketers can use for automated machine learning, “The Amplero Intelligence Platform (AmpIP) is a predictive B2C customer value management platform that enables marketers to leverage machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to automatically optimize every customer interaction and maximize customer lifetime value.

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