Improving Outcomes Is Hard, But Here’s Why We Know It’s Worth Doing

PUBLISHED BY Vivek Garipalli


July 25, 2016

Nine years ago, I did not realize that buying a hospital would lead to a massive education in everything right and wrong with the healthcare system, and eventually to building a health insurer, let alone building a software company inside of a health insurer.

One of the stark realities I encountered in the hospital business was the basic inequity of insurance coverage, and for a lot of people, a lack thereof. Many of the hospital closures I saw were in areas where the low-income population was a high percentage of patient volume. In the county where I helped build a health system, each hospital we purchased was in bankruptcy and near closure. The common thread, other than geography and core inefficiencies, was that they each had an uninsured/underinsured (Medicaid) population of greater than 20% of their volume.

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