Global Analytics uses the power of analytics to fundamentally change the way people do business with the financially underserved. Leveraging superior analytics, Global Analytics has a proven ability to create innovative, affordable credit products that serve customers respectfully and responsibly. Through its primary brand Lending Stream, Global Analytics provides four to six-month emergency term loans with instant credit decisions and same-day cash through the internet or mobile devices. Since 2008, Lending Stream has grown to become one of the top online lenders in the United Kingdom. Global Analytics is the first platform to employ Adaptive Data Fusion – used historically for complex scientific applications – to transform complex streams of data from multiple sources into meaningful lending decisions using proprietary underwriting algorithms Since each customer transaction is inherently diffrerent, involving a unique purchase, unique variables and a distinct point in time, Global Analytics produces superior results by underwriting on a real-time per-loan basis rather than underwriting based solely on the individual’s credit score.