learning to be a good CEO

February 10, 2017

PUBLISHED BY Monica Nickelsburg


In early 2016, Globys spun out its A.I. marketing software business Amplero. The plan was to hire a new CEO to bring the product to market, but things started accelerating faster than expected at the young startup.

Amplero’s customer base and team starting growing quickly and the startup landed $8 million in series A funding from some heavyweight investors.

Instead of bringing on someone new, the board decided Olly Downs, the exec who led the company through its transition, was the right person for the job.

“So far it has been both a lot of fun, a huge amount of work, and one of the greatest learning opportunities of my life,” said Downs.

Downs spends most of his time with Amplero’s global customer base. He also manages hiring and drives the company’s big-picture direction.

“Of all of those things, I’ve found that hiring the right team around you and empowering them is the most important of all, as it fills out your own gaps and allows you to focus on where you personally can make the biggest contributions to advancing the business,” he said.

We caught up with Downs for this installment of Working Geek, a regular GeekWire feature.

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