Amplero AI-Marketing Platform Features

May 5, 2017

PUBLISHED BY Sneha Nalawade

SOURCE MarTech Advisor

Amplero, an AI-backed marketing solutions provider, announced the expansion of its Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform (AIM), to help marketers deliver improved customer experiences while enhancing topline revenue.

Amplero’s new AIM platform includes a new machine-learned insight feature that identifies and notifies the marketers about insights on campaigns, customers, and KPIs to ensure these insights are implemented across their organization. The feature also provides insights on unpredictable customer behavior, future course of creative development, and continuous monitoring of campaign efficacy.

To ensure improvements in scalability and intelligence across customer data, marketing automation, and analytics layers, Amplero’s focus is on integrating AI to the root of MarTech stack. Amplero’s AIM platform leverages auto-machine learning (Auto-ML) and multi-armed bandit experimentation (MAB) to recurrently test and continuously optimize numerous marketing permutations to enhance customer revenue and retention.

“Amplero’s AIM platform adaptively tests and executes marketing interactions at the nano-level, often evaluating more than 2100permutations for a given marketing program. Because of this, the AI is learning which pieces of the campaign works for a unique individual at an unprecedented rate,” said Olly Downs, Amplero CEO. “When you think about the fact that the length of the universe in seconds is 244, Amplero generates a depth of learning that is far beyond what is humanly possible.”

Apart from machine-learned insights, Amplero has added a set of push-pull connectors to facilitate the ingress and egress of customer and marketing data, as well as a new UX to improve the workflows and objectives of a modern marketer.

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