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Founded in 2015, Wildcat Venture Partners invests in early stage entrepreneurs building systems of intelligence that enable companies to prospect, refine and monetize data - digital oil. These entrepreneurs and their companies will become the market disruptors and industry leaders of the First Intelligence Age.

Wildcat focuses on startups leveraging key technologies such as Machine Learning/AI, IoT, Cloud & Mobility, Augmented/Virtual Reality and Blockchain.

We are specifically interested in teams applying these technologies in the following markets: Consumer, Digital Health, EdTech, Enterprise SaaS, FinTech, Marketing Technology, and Marketplaces.

While we will opportunistically invest in later stage companies, Wildcat’s strategic investment interest is in companies that are currently entering or in the Traction Gap™.


Wildcat has developed a unique investment and operating framework generated from years of startup and investing experience; it is called the Traction Gap.

Industry statistics show that nearly 70% of startups fail to return invested capital. Using the Traction Gap methodology, 2 out of 3 of the early-stage startups the Wildcat founding team have backed have gone on to success.

Wildcat uses the Traction Gap framework to help its portfolio companies create and define their category along with comprehensive go-to-market and financing plans to successfully scale.


Wildcat is a proud sponsor of the Traction Gap Institute™ which offers strategies, tactics and playbooks along with workshops and networking events startups can use to traverse the Traction Gap.

"Wildcat’s team is a group of proven investors and entrepreneurs who have personally and successfully made the Traction Gap journey and have led many startups safely to the other side."

– Rob Frohwein, Founder & CEO, Kabbage

Download a complete overview of the Traction Gap Framework.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur attacking a tough problem with a breakout solution, an executive looking to write your next chapter, a journalist with a media inquiry, or a member of our community who wants to connect, we’re here to support you. Please feel free to reach out, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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