Traversing the Traction Gap

We seek entrepreneurs whose companies are currently in or about to enter the Traction Gap.

What is Wildcat Venture Partners?

The Wildcat team consists of successful entrepreneurs turned investors. Over the years, we have observed that most startups can build a product but many falter in the go-to-market phase, exposing themselves to lower valuations, significant financing risks, and suboptimal outcomes. In fact, industry data shows that more than 75% of startups fail to gain traction and never return capital invested.

In stark contrast to these industry statistics, 70% of the companies we have backed have been successful.

To achieve these results, we have developed a unique investment and operating framework generated from our collective experience; it is called the Traction Gap. We use the Traction Gap framework - terminology, strategies and tactics – to work with teams to help them successfully transition from product development into company scaling.

What's New

April 25, 2017

BendPoly Rebrands, Expands as GreenFig University in Multiple Cities

The founders of BendPoly debuted GreenFig University, an expanded version of the two-year-old digital marketing school, today at the Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco.…

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Kelly Kearsley


April 25, 2017

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and our current workforce isn’t ready for it. At Wildcat Venture Partners, we are painfully aware of this.…

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Wildcat Venture Partners

April 24, 2017

If You Wear Scrubs, You’ll Want To See These By FIGS

Scrubs haven't changed much since the 70's, but FIGS is out to disrupt the tired medical apparel industry. Any visit to a medical office or…

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Debra Borchardt


April 19, 2017

Investing in the Wake of AI’s Impact

Through parts 1, 2, and 3, we’ve covered a lot of information around the displacement that’s going to occur as a result of AI, but we’ve also talked…

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Nathaniel Krasnoff

April 13, 2017

Standard Bank + WorkFusion: Digitizing Africa’s Largest Bank

In this 4-minute case study video, you’ll learn how Standard Bank South Africa used WorkFusion’s robotic process automation (RPA) capability to reduce customer onboarding time…

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April 12, 2017

Understanding Power in the Digital Economy

We are all stakeholders in the economic systems within which we live and work, and the better we can understand their dynamics, the more likely…

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Geoffrey Moore