The Traction Gap & Digital Oil

We seek entrepreneurs capitalizing upon the transformative opportunities of the First Intelligence Age

Wildcat Venture Partners invests in early stage technology startups. The team consists of successful entrepreneurs, now investors, who have significant domain expertise turning startups into market leaders.

The Traction Gap

Industry statistics show that nearly 70% of startups fail to return invested capital. In stark contrast, 68% of the early stage startups the Wildcat team has backed have gone on to success.

To achieve these results, Wildcat has developed a unique investment and operating framework generated from years of startup and investing experience; it is called the Traction Gap™. Wildcat uses the Traction Gap framework to help its portfolio companies create and define their category along with comprehensive go-to-market and financing plans to successfully scale.

Wildcat is a proud sponsor of the Traction Gap Institute™ which offers strategies, tactics and playbooks along with workshops and networking events startups can use to traverse the Traction Gap.

Prospecting & Refining Digital Oil

Where land, capital and oil drove the Industrial Ages, data is fueling the rise of the First Intelligence Age and a digital economy.

"'Data-driven' startups are the wildcatters of the new economy: they prospect for digital oil, extract it and turn it into clever new services..."

– The Economist

We seek entrepreneurs building systems of intelligence that enable companies to prospect, refine and monetize data - digital oil. These entrepreneurs and their companies will become the market disruptors and industry leaders of the First Intelligence Age.

What's New

June 23, 2017

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Bruce Cleveland

June 19, 2017

Why Amazon buying Whole Foods actually matters

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June 15, 2017

WorkFusion Founder and CEO Max Yankelevich on Intelligent Automation

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Products that Count

June 12, 2017

Bruce Cleveland Speaks at BunkerLab’s Bunker Brews

Bunker Brews are a great place to expand your veteran network, learn from experts, and be inspired to act on your own venture ideas. This…

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Wildcat Venture Partners

June 9, 2017

City of Memphis to begin paying employees’ student loan debt

The city of Memphis is the first municipality in the U.S. to contract with Santa Monica-based, a student loan management company. Under the program,…

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Michelle Corbet

Memphis Business Journal

June 6, 2017


Burlingame, Calif. — Ruby Ribbon was named as winner of the Direct Selling Association’s (DSA) prestigious annual award in product innovation, for its breakthrough wire-free,…

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Ruby Ribbon